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Name: Sagwa
Type: Cat
Breed: Snowshoe
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2010
Weight: 18
Location: Worcester, MA
Owner: Linda


Food: Natural Choice- chicken & brown rice/ dry & Iams Pate- chicken & liver/wet
Toy: plays with all kinds of pet toys. Mice, balls, things with feathers.
Person: He's really attatched to me & my boyfriend Tony. He's friendly with everyone including children.
Trick: He throws the toys up in the air, catches them & also he will pick them from the floor & put them all up on sofa.


Nicknames: Saggy, porkchop
More: I adopted him from the Siamese Rescue Center after having to put my baby of 13 1/2 yrs. to sleep due to bone cancer. He took to me right away when I got him here. He is very loving, talks a lot & is a special companion to me. He is a big blue eyed handsome boy & does so many funny things. He will keep you laughing all day & the way he sleeps on his back sprawled out with his legs up n the air is hillarious. He was in foster home in West Hartford, Ct. before I adopted him.

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