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Name: Potsy
Type: Dog
Breed: Schipperke
Gender: Male
Year Born: 2005
Weight: 23
Location: Tucson, AZ
Owner: Sandra


Food: Everything!
Toy: Squeeky toys
Person: Me!!!
Trick: Shake


Nicknames: Poopsy
More: Potsy is a joy! He is a very playful and energetic dog. He loves Teddy and especially Niki. He likes to tease Gigi, the cat. He gets along well with everyone.

Potsy loves to eat, and you need to put all food away off the counters, otherwise he will demolish everything. We have had to take him to the vet twice, because he ate all the chocolate candy!

Potsy loves to open doors both ways! He can open doors towards him and away from him. He cleverly jumps on the handle and when he lands on the floor with precise timing, he pulls the door stop towards him to open the door. He is persistent and doesn't give up on trying to escape! He has let everyone (all pets) in the household out during the day! You have to be sure to always lock every door.

Potsy is a joy! He is like a baby! You have to watch everything he does :)

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